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Discover my honest and demystifying approach to Mental Health

Our children are growing up faster than ever. As parents, protecting them from life's challenges isn't easy. Recent world events and the subsequent tsunami in young people’s mental health problems add to parents’ fears of “getting it wrong”. So how do we make sense of what our children are going through and provide them with the support they need to survive this world and THRIVE?

I am a Consultant Clinical Psychologist with a mission to provide simple and realistic practical advice on the common issues that impact children’s mental health and family life. I hope to bring my knowledge and lived experience of working with hundreds of families as a mental health professional to any parent worrying about their child. 

Throughout this website, my media content and my book “Happy Families”, I cover critical topics including anxiety, low mood, and challenging behaviours, including self-harm. Within this content, I explain the science behind what we see and experience. I also provide the evidence-based tools needed to help a child.

I hope my wise, honest and accessible approach answers some of your questions, fills you with hope and equips you with the understanding and tools to make simple changes that can dramatically improve your child’s mental health and your own.

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