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Happy Families takes an expert, honest and accessible approach to children’s mental health

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How do you raise a happy, resilient child? How can you best support your kids when they struggle? How should you approach their mental health ups and downs? 

Dr Beth Mosley is one of the UK’s most experienced and respected consultant clinical psychologists, and she works with children, young people and their families every day. In this evidence-based, realistic and practical guide, she shares the answers to the most commonly asked questions:

  • What causes anxiety, and how can I control it?

  • How should you broach difficult conversations with your child around subjects such as low mood or even self-harm?

  • How can we support each other and communicate better?

Happy Families takes an expert, honest and accessible approach to children’s mental health – arming parents and carers with the tools they need to tackle anxiety, low mood and difficult behaviours, as well as the hope and reassurance to actively make a change, with children from ages 4 right up to 21.

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Happy Families Book & Audio Book, Buy at Amazon, Dr Beth Mosley MBE
Happy Families United States Edition
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Happy Families -

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A groundbreaking guide for parents to help protect the mental health of children aged four to twenty-one.


Happy Families: How to Protect and Support Your Child’s Mental Health is the definitive guide to understanding your child’s mental health so they can survive and thrive. Whether you’re afraid that anxiety is controlling your child’s life, struggling with getting your child out of a low mood cycle, or you just want support on how to communicate with them, this book is here to help. Written by an experienced and respected consultant clinical psychologist who works with children, young adults, and their families every day, Dr. Beth Mosley offers a comprehensive toolkit that will help you make sense of what your child is going through and show you how to work through it together. Filled with invaluable tips, quick-fire exercises, case studies, and access to online worksheets, Happy Families has everything parents need to protect and support their child’s mental health.

Happy Familites French Edition

Happy Families -

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Comment soutenir au mieux votre enfant lorsqu'il souffre ? Comment interpréter ses changements de comportement ? Comment gérer les hauts et les bas de sa santé mentale ? Comment être là pour lui ? Comment être suffisamment à l'écoute sans être intrusif ?

Ce guide factuel et pragmatique répond à vos questions et à vos inquiétudes au sujet de la santé mentale de votre enfant, qu'il soit très jeune, adolescent ou bientôt adulte. Votre rôle, en tant que parent, ne cesse d'évoluer jusqu'à l'envol de votre enfant vers l'indépendance ; et il n'est pas toujours aisé de communiquer avec votre enfant et de pouvoir l'aider face à son anxiété, sa tristesse ou éventuellement sa dépression. 

Cet ouvrage passionnant, accessible et très complet a été conçu pour offrir aux parents, ainsi qu'aux professionnels de l'enfance, des outils simples et concrets, adaptés à l'âge de l'enfant, et apporter des changements rapides aussi bien pour lui que pour toute la famille. Vous pourrez ainsi comprendre ce que votre enfant traverse, les causes de son anxiété, tisser une relation de confiance avec lui et identifier les signes de détresse afin de l'aider à se sentir bien. Au fil des exercices et des études de cas, vous vous délivrerez de la pression qui vous incombe en tant que parent et apprécierez chaque jour davantage les joies de la parentalité. 

Un livre précieux pour vous redonner espoir et confiance en vous, et vous aider à guider votre enfant vers l'épanouissement.

Dr Beth Mosley Author Happy Families

Happy Families

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It’s not easy being a clinical psychologist in children’s mental health services at the moment; there’s been a 77% increase in referrals over the last few years. I’ve worked in this area for 20-years and I have never seen it like this before.

It’s not easy being a parent at the moment; we’ve just navigated an unexpected pandemic and other ongoing uncertainties that impact our stress levels as adults and our children’s. We are hearing it all the time, how children’s mental health difficulties are massively increasing and there are limited services to help. 

As a parent your anxiety goes through the roof when you hear that 50% of mental health difficulties in adulthood start before the age of 15 and 75% before 24.

As a parent you want to be able to do something about it.

Firstly, you want to help your child or adolescent manage the ups and downs of life in ways that will support their wellbeing. You want your child to be happy and resilient so they can face the challenges of life and ideally not just survive but THRIVE.

Secondly. If your child is struggling with their mental health, you want to know how you would know: Is this normal or something to worry about? You want to understand what is going on for your child and most importantly what you can do to help. 

Surprisingly, despite the fact that there has never been a time when children’s mental health has been of so much interest to parents, there is not a book out there that provides this critical information.

Happy Families is inspired by the 100’s of families I have worked with over the years. The information I have shared with these families has transformed them and their children’s lives

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