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Roman Kemp: The Fight for Young Lives

I feel very privileged to have been interviewed by #romankemp and the amazing production team to help make this documentary.

It will be aired on BBC 3 on Wednesday 1st Nov, 9pm. I did not make the Final Cut because the focus is on young people and their views on mental health and the challenges they face. Roman has worked hard to really get inside the world that young people are facing today and their experiences of struggling with their #mentalhealth

Roman and the team were deeply interested in understanding this complex area from a multiple range of views. Roman is advocating for 💯 coverage of Mental Health Support Teams. His campaign has gained traction and the #conservatives are listening.

Roman, like me and so many other campaigners, workers and parents - wants to save young lives from #suicide @romankemp and BBC have pulled together a comprehensive parent toolkit on supporting your child’s #mentalhealth - with top tips from many experts (including me) on talking with your #child or #teen as well as what to do and where to go for support or help. Please share with the adults you know - this information can #savelives and raises #suicideawareness and ultimately will help #suicideprevention



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