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Happy Families Book - No.1 for Hot New Releases!

Today is a big day for the book. Bluebird have just emailed to say it has jumped to Amazon number 1 for Hot New Releases! This is so unexpected with no promo yet!

Early copies are out and some wonderful feedback coming in as well as requests for articles and podcasts! @annamathur very kindly reviewed on her Instagram story line yesterday - which was my first chance to see what the book looks like in print - as I haven't seen one yet! It looked great! And she described it beautifully. So proud! Also, so grateful as it meant some new followers on Instagram.

I am new to social media and my presence is therefore low! I have a lot to learn in the coming weeks to help lift my profile and reach more parents interested in supporting their child's mental health.

Time is the problem - juggling the NHS and these exciting new endeavours is a challenge. But both complement one another in many ways as so much of what I am doing in both areas helps build my motivation and enthusiasm to keep supporting others in whatever way I can.

Finally, I have been delighted by the level of International interest. The Happy Families book is now to be published in eight different languages - with publishers in Europe, the middle and far East and the USA. It goes to show how across the world parents are so desperate to get accessible and relatable help to support their children. I am honoured to be able to provide it in this way.


See 'Happy Families' on the book section of my website.

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